Bearing, CHOCK & gear repair service by timken

Timken offers comprehensive bearing & gear repair services to help save you time and money by reconditioning bearings & gear of any manufacturer for extended life rather than purchasing new.
Remanufacturing is most economical for bearings at least 8 inches OD. Timken remanufactures most bearing types and accept all manufacturers’ brands for remanufacturing.
The Raipur facility offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to our many customers in India’s growing cement, primary metals, mining and power generation sectors.

Local Service. National Support. Global Expertise.

Timken Industrial Services has expanded with a 33,000 square foot facility in Raipur, offering gearbox and bearing aftermarket solutions for the cement, metals and power generation markets.
Timken, with the gear and service knowledge from Philadelphia Gear, is positioning the industrial services business to provide expert repair services for complex equipment around the world.
– Timken Raipur Industrial Service Centre

Each one of Timken service centres is equipped with the latest machinery to provide full inspection, repair and upgrade services. Any gear drive or component can be reverse engineered to exact OEM specifications and are staffed with engineers who are experts & skilled in performing gearbox and bearing failure root cause analysis.

Recertification and warranty

For repairs, Timken provides full disassembly, cleaning, inspection and measurement and various non-destructive tests. All repair work done by Timken is backed by warranty.

Bearing repair process

Expert Bearing Repair from the Bearing Experts
Recertification – visually inspect bearing assemblies; measure to verify internal clearances
Reclamation – polish bearing components
Reconditioning – visually inspect and then polish & measure components
Remanufacture – clean and visually inspect bearing components; re-grind raceways; manufacture new roller sets; re-set internal clearances; then preserve and package the bearings for return shipment
Modification – add special features to existing or new bearing assemblies to enhance performance, retrofit to special applications, or upgrade to meet current Timken design standards

Gear repair SCOPE & Services
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Bearings, Bevel Gears, Couplings, Epicyclic Gears, Herringbone Gears, Open Gearing, Parallel Shaft Gears, Planetary Gears, Worm Gears

Condition Monitoring, Diagnostics, Drive Exchange Program, Gear 101 Training , Engineered Upgrades, On-site Inspection, Predictive Maintenance